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  • I am not sure if I can commit my child to a week. What if they don’t like it?

    We have a daily rates so they can try it out and decide. Most kids come back after the taster day:)

  • Seems like it’s a camp for science geeks!

    Hmm, not really. We touch on a variety of topics and more importantly, it’s the skills being developed that is key to us- critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, communication etc. We feel these skills are essential regardless of whether the child likes science or not.

  • Do they just play with Lego all day long?

    Actually, they do not. Our camps have a variety of skill building activities that children throughout the day e.g mosaics, perler, arts and crafts, reading- we even dance sometimes! The aim is to develop critical reasoning, problem solving skills etc. through a mixture of carefully selected activities and they must be FUN!

  • What’s the ages range?
  • My kids already have plenty of Lego at home!

    Great! That means we can challenge them even more with our specialized model plans that are specially made for us. You can’t get these in the store.